First e-court in Poland

The first e-court in Poland is to start working on Monday.

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03. stycznia 2010 08:38:00

The first e-court in Poland is to start working on Monday. Although located in Lublin, eastern Poland it will investigate simple civil cases filed from around the country.  

The e-court will formally constitute a division of the Lublin district court. Among its employees will be eleven referendaries, one judge and twenty court officials. They will examine cases from the scope of economic proceedings, e.g. issue payment orders which already amount to over one million cases a year. It will take a few days for each electronic petition to be examined  

To file electronically petitioners will need to provide their electronic signatures as well as personal data.  

The local authorities have already assured that the servers of Poland’s first e-court have been secured against possible hackers’ attacks. (di)



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